Discover FLOK, a new chapter for WalQinn!

Discover FLOK, a new chapter for WalQinn!

Explore the World, One FLOK at a Time!

Discover FLOK, a New Chapter for the WalQinn!

Today marks a significant milestone in our journey. Today, we say goodbye to WalQinn, and we welcome FLOK.

In 2018, we embarked on an ambitious path as WalQInn, driven by a vision to redefine hospitality. Our goal was clear: to bridge traditional accommodations with the evolving needs of modern travelers. We began with serviced apartments, exploring new trends and the ways people want to work, live and travel.

As we navigated the industry’s dynamic landscape, we realized the need to broaden our horizons to accommodate the changing needs of our guests, tenants, and followers. Our expansion led us beyond serviced apartments, embracing boutique hotels and vibrant co-living spaces. This evolution reflects our commitment to diversity, community, and innovation.

With immense pride and excitement, we announce our transformation into FLOK.  FLOK (n.): From English “flock”, a collective of like-minded individuals.

This new identity embodies our expanded vision—where hospitality is not just about places to stay but about experiences that connect and inspire. FLOK represents a spectrum of living experiences, from tranquil retreats to energetic communal spaces, each echoing our ethos of adaptability and shared experiences.

Our journey continues in over 250 units across Sarajevo, Zagreb, Sofia, Brussels, and along the breathtaking Croatian coast, with a presence in Costa Rica. FLOK is more than a name change; it’s a renewed promise to deliver unique, memorable concepts and experiences.

Join us as we step into this new chapter. Explore the world, one FLOK at a time.

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