Your way of living

FLOK (n.): From English “flock”, a collective of like-minded individuals.

FLOK is where your personal rhythm finds its room, and shared vibes find their space. From peaceful hotel retreats to bustling co-living hubs, we’ve carefully crafted each space to mirror your lifestyle. Journey solo, or unite with others.

Soluful Interiors

Inspiring Design

Interiors that captivate the eye and resonate with the soul. Dive into spaces that feel right, look stunning, and simply make you pause and smile. Because we believe design should feel like a warm, inviting conversation.

Every Stay, a Story

Lifestyle of Belonging

Every city has its story. With FLOK, you don’t just visit; you become a part of the narrative. Dive deep into city vibes, uncover local secrets, and savor the pulse of diverse destinations. Embrace a lifestyle that’s always on the move, always fresh. Whether city-hopping or finding comfort in familiar streets, FLOK makes your journey both exciting and grounded.

Seamless Processes

Every Step, Effortless

In a world where complexity clouds our choices, FLOK simplifies your choices. From swift check-ins to intuitive spaces and immediate city essentials, we’ve fine-tuned every step. Experience a fully digital journey that is more than just convenience. It’s about effortless navigation amidst the urban pulse. With FLOK, you’re not just living — you’re living simplified.

Live Your Way

Boundless Flexibility

Life is unpredictable. Whether it’s a spontaneous overnight stay or settling down for months, FLOK is ready to accommodate your ever-changing plans. Our diverse destinations await, from cozy hotel rooms to vibrant co-living spaces. With FLOK, embrace the freedom to choose, always.

Beyond the Walls


FLOK isn’t confined by the four corners of a room. It extends beyond into the communities we touch and the cities we inhabit. Our design philosophy is rooted in the idea that spaces should not just be occupied but experienced. Every FLOK is a gateway to local experiences.

Dive into local cultures, traditions, and cuisines, all while knowing you have a FLOK space waiting for you — a true blend of exploration and relaxation.

Spaces with Purpose


We believe in not just creating spaces but also nurturing them. Our commitment is not just to our guests but also to the environment and society. Incorporating sustainable practices from construction to cleaning, ensuring our footprint is light and our impact positive.

Central to our ethos is the “Social” pillar of ESG. Through our collaborations with art and refugee associations, we actively work towards integrating communities, nurturing talents, and unlocking opportunities.

With FLOK, you’re not just finding a place to stay – you’re joining a movement for a brighter future.


We’re a collective of dreamers, doers, and changemakers. If you’re passionate about shaping the future of how people live, work, and travel, we want you on board.